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A formal bridge linking the fields of neuroscience, psychology and education is missing (Fischer, Daniel, Immordino-Yang, Stern, Battro & Koizumi, 2002; Goswami, 2006; Hall, 2005; Schall, 2004). As a result, Gardner, one of the major educational thought leaders of this generation, along with others in the field, “propose[d] the establishment of a class of professionals, ‘neuro-educators’” (Sheridan, Zinchenko & Gardner, 2007, p.11).

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At a time when parents and teachers are bombarded with promises of “a better brain” through training programs and unsubstantiated claims in the popular press, this book offers a definitive, scientifically grounded guide for better teaching and learning practices. This book is written in easy-to-read terms aimed at teachers about the new academic field of Mind, Brain, and Education Science. Mind, Brain, and Education science is a new transdisciplinary academic field that has grown out of the intersection of neuroscience, education, and psychology.

About Tracey

Tracey is a globally recognized educational leader who professes the philosophy that change starts with one: one student, one teacher.


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