Tracey Tokuhama-Espinosa
Seminarium Certificación

“Seminarium Certificación” April 21, 2017 S

7th Annual Brain Symposium at Punahou School

“7th Annual Brain Symposium at Punahou School”

International Conference on Educational Neuroscience

“International Conference on Educational Neurosc

FAB11 & KOTESOL National Conference 2017

“FAB11 & KOTESOL National Conference 2017”

Network of bilingual schools

“Network of bilingual schools” November 24, 2

Wolfert Tweetalig

“Wolfert Tweetalig” November 23, 2016 Rotte

Stedelijk College Eindhoven

“Stedelijk College Eindhoven” November 22, 20

Raising Multilingual Children

“Raising Multilingual Children” November 16,

Symposium on Multilingualism

“Symposium on Multilingualism” October 15-16,

International School of Bangkok

“International School of Bangkok” October 12-

Leadership Conference

“Leadership Conference” September 29, 2016

About Tracey

Tracey is a globally recognized educational leader who professes the philosophy that change starts with one: one student, one teacher.


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