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Hi Sxxx,
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Dear Ms Tokuhama-Espinosa,

I was grateful to find your books - the best books I have found in this subject - as I searched for information on raising my daughter multilingual since most of the literature is about bilingual and at best trilingual. Finding relevant similarities between your family situation and our own 4/5-language family, I read your books with GREAT interest and have been recommending them to friends and educators.


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By Tracey Tokuhama-Espinosa © 2006

Getting started and staying motivated with raising children in several languages begins with the parent's own passion and enthusiasm for the task.  If the parents are not devoted to the process, the results will show in the language level of the child.  Where does this passion come from?  Often a parent wants to be sure her child can communicate with relatives in another country. Sometimes a parent wants to guarantee cultural links to his family.  Yet other parents are interested in the child's ability to adapt socially.  There are a myriad of reasons to be passionate about one's languages, and all contribute to the enthusiasm parents have for choosing and staying consistent with a strategy for raising their children mutilingually.


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Dear Tracey

My name is SxxxxBxxx and I have heard so many fantastic things of you that I thought you would be the right person to contact for advices. I am not sure if you know Geneva and its Schools. I will try to explain the situation:


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Background Information:

Ed.M from Harvard University in Education
PhD in progress in “Neuro-Education” (brain-based learning)
Professor of Education at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador
Head of Teacher Training
Director of the Educational Development Center

Author:Raising Multilingual Children: Language Acquisition and Children (2001); The Multilingual Mind: Questions by, for and about people living with many languages (2003); Multilingualism Across the Lifespan (in progress, due out in 2007).


10 Mar 2015 0 q&a, multilingualism, bilingualism

Questions by Janine to Tracey Tokuhama-Espinosa ©2010


About Tracey

Tracey is a globally recognized educational leader who professes the philosophy that change starts with one: one student, one teacher.


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