Tracey Tokuhama-Espinosa
Using the best of Mind, Brain, and Education Science in the classroom (2009)

Using the best of Mind, Brain, and Education Science in the classroom (2009)

At a time when parents and teachers are bombarded with promises of “a better brain” through training programs and unsubstantiated claims in the popular press, this book offers a definitive, scientifically grounded guide for better teaching and learning practices. This book is written in easy-to-read terms aimed at teachers about the new academic field of Mind, Brain, and Education Science. Mind, Brain, and Education science is a new transdisciplinary academic field that has grown out of the intersection of neuroscience, education, and psychology.

This book is structured around the beliefs and neuromyths about the brain and learning and how they point to clear instructional guidelines for teachers. Each tenet, principle and instructional guideline that is discussed in the book is accompanied by clear, real life classroom examples that help teachers envision the direct application of the information in their own schools.

The book also includes a glossary of terms for Mind, Brain, and Education practitioners, a sample syllabus structure for a first course in this new academic discipline, a bibliography with over 1,300 entries, and a list of exemplary work in the field that celebrates the credible work in the field. To help teachers in their search for best practice activities, this book also offers clear steps to help filter out the quality information from the commercial hype.

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About Tracey

Tracey is a globally recognized educational leader who professes the philosophy that change starts with one: one student, one teacher.


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